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Featuring three of the Worlds most famous leaders in Health & Wellbeing, Dr Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, Relaxing Rhythms interactive package offers the finest guidance and stunning graphics ever. Mac and PC software.


Relaxing Rhythms: Guided Training Program Comprehensive Training with just a few minutes a day using 'Self Exploration' or 'Guided Training' modes, to lead you through a step-by-step program for a happy mind and healthy body.

"Relaxing Rhythms" Happy Mind and Healthy Body

Introducing Relaxing Rhythms, the first biofeedback training program that brings together the most prominent leaders in the field of health and wellness and combines their guidance with beautiful on-screen graphics for a happy mind and a healthy body. Healing Rhythms artfully combines effective biofeedback training with guided meditation and breathing techniques, allowing you to witness and transform the rhythms of your mind and body as they play together on-screen.

Featuring Deepak Chopra, M.D., Dean Ornish, M.D., and Andrew Weil, M.D., Relaxing Rhythms delivers the expert advice never before offered in one package!

"One of the most important tools you can incorporate into your daily life to effect not only the longevity of your life, but the quality of your life, is a deeper, slower breathing practice. The exercises in Healing Rhythms do just that."- Dr. Andrew Weil

healing pathway

Relaxing Rhythms is an entirely unique and interactive program that uses biofeedback to help you to achieve a deeper sense of well-being, to relieve stress, and to live a stronger, more balanced life.

andrew weil

By artfully combining beautiful biofeedback activities with effective meditation and breathing techniques, Relaxing Rhythms allows you to transform the rhythms of your mind and body as you watch them play together on-screen.

Finger sensors measure your skin conductivity levels and heart rate variability

  • You are able to watch your real-time feedback
  • Outstanding full colour training manual and user’s guide
  • Track your improvement over time
  • IOM Biometric on-screen Grapher
  • 30 guided meditation and breathing exercises
  • Developed in conjunction with Andrew Weil, M.D., Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Dean Ornish, M.D.

Transport yourself to a new state of relaxation and ease. Begin your guided training with relaxing breathing and meditation exercises proven to be effective in reducing stress including techniques led by experts in the field of health and wellness:

  • Deepak Chopra, M.D.
  • Dean Ornish, M.D.
  • Andrew Weil, M.D.
  • Sharon Salzberg
  • Stephen Cope
  • Nawang Khechog
  • Joan Borysenko

Watch your body respond in real-time, on screen!


Practice these mind-body techniques along with your mentors as you listen to transformative music and watch soothing visuals rippling by on your screen. Or switch to the Grapher Mode and track your body’s signals as they rise and fall in sync with your state of mind.

Finally, watch your mind and body at play on-screen during the breathtaking biofeedback events as you learn to juggle balls with your laughter, build a stairway with your breath, and meditate to open doors! Increase the difficulty level of each challenge as you begin to master your new skills and are comfortable practicing them in your everyday life.


How can Relaxing Rhythms help me achieve a happier life?
Relaxing Rhythms unique interactive program is designed to help and aid you to uncover your body's own natural ability to relax and decompress from day-to-day work overload.

Relaxing Rhythms monitors your responses to activities and provides active feedback that helps you learn how to activate and balance yourself. The technology in Relaxing Rhythms measures your reactions to your physical and mental energy. This input drives the beautiful challenges on-screen as you practice the meditation and breathing techniques from the expert guides in each step. The grapher screen allows you to track your measurements as you transform the rhythms of your thoughts, emotions, and state of mind. By following the 15-Step Guided Training Program, you'll begin to see positive, measurable results from the very first step!

With just a few minutes of practice each day, you'll develop skills that will help you become more present and more mindful, two essential elements to your overall state. Once you've mastered an activity you'll find yourself returning to it again and again, not only to refine your skill, but to experience the pure relaxation and joy it creates. With just a little practice, you'll be able to quickly and easily start integrating these new skills into your daily life for a happy mind and a state of enhanced balance in life, love, and relationships.






What's Included:
• Patented Iom Feedback Hardware and Finger Sensors
• Over 30 guided meditation and breathing practices
• 15  Fun and interactive Active Feedback Events with variable difficulty settings
• Built-in Iom Grapher Mode to track your signals in real-time 
• Digital Training Guide & Users Manual

• Installation disks for PC and Macsensors


  • 800 MB of disk space
  • 256MB of available RAM
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • 800 X 600, 24-bit color display
  • Available USB port


    • Intel Pentium III or higher
    • 800 MHz processor (minimum)
    • 1.25 GHz processor (recommended)
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • QuickTime 6.5 or higher (Quick Time 7.0 included)
    • 3ivx video codec (included)

Also recommended for PC

  • Sound Blaster or compatible sound card/speakers
  • Microsoft DirectX 5.2 or OpenGL





  • G4 or higher
  • 800 MHz processor (minimum)
  • 1.25 GHz processor (recommended)
  • MAC OSX 10.2.8 or higher
  • 3ivx video codec (included)
  • Quick Time 6.5 or higher (not included)

***Due to the removal of certain features from the operating system, Relaxing Rhythms is not currently compatible with Mac OS Lion (10.7). 
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