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Ravid hang (CD) £6.00 (inc vat)

Order your Ravid hang cd here

Calm Upon You - Ravid - CD £6.00 (inc vat)

16 stunning tracks from Ravid, recorded exclusively on PANArt hang hang

To fully appreciate the overtones of this extraordinary instrument we recommend you buy the cd rather than downloads as some of these are lost in the compressing process when converted to MP3's.

Classical - Alan Roubik £9.99 (inc vat)

The latest release from Alan Roubik comprises of 15 Beautiful romantic piano favorites by Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Glinka, JS Bach, PE Bach, Godard, Fibich, Rimski-Korsakov, MacDowell, Gluck and Handel. Relaxing and timeless music by the Masters.

Celebration of Love - Alan Roubik £15.65

Part of the Music For Your Health Series in collaboration with Dr masaru Emoto, this 2 CD set includes full instrumental and solo piano versions.  Features music by Alan Roubik, Felix Mendelssohn ("Nocturne"), Franz Schubert ("Ave Maria"), Franz Gruber ("Silent Night"), George Frederic Handel ("Sarabande"), Scott Joplin ("Solace").


CD2000 - Alan Roubik £ 9.99

This recording is the first "healing music" product to be featured on the Home Shopping Network, and remains among the most popular recordings of its kind.  Recommended by therapists, doctors, and professional athletes.  Endorsed by Olympic Gold Medalist Gary Hall.  Original music composed and arranged by Alan Roubik. (42 minutes)

Keys To My Heart - Alan Roubik £9.99

This is a piano solo recording of Alan Roubik's original music, which he composed from as early as age eleven. Each song on this CD was tested for very specific therapeutic applications, including sleep aid, relaxation, and stress relief. Laboratory testing indicates that each song contains healing properties that affect several different vital organs in the human body. (35 minutes)

Seven Chakras and Elements - Alan Roubik £15.65

This 2 CD set represents the true spirit of the Seven Chakras system. The "Seven Chakras" is a rhythmic, non-musical representation of the Seven Chakras system. "Elements" is a musical variation based on the same principals and rhythmic foundation of "Seven Chakras". Each song was created with very specific Chakra guidelines, including frequency, key, Hz and other relevant and determining factors.

The Four Seasons - Alan Roubik £9.99

A mix of classical, contemporary and world music styles,  this  beautiful music was specifically composed and produced for reducing stress and anxiety, as well as boosting the immune system. Using Magnetic Resonance technology and testing every recording by Dr. Masaru Emoto in a research laboriaory in Japan. this is the first cd of its kind.  Produced in collaboration with Dr Masaru Emoto, this cd is often referred to as Hado or water crystal music.   (37 minutes)

Promises - Alan Roubik - £8.50

Alan Roubik's first recording, Romantic pop-instrumental of Alan's original compositions, featuring reknowned studio musicians and string orchestra conducted by Susie Katayama.

Arnica Montana - Sensations 1 £6.00

Arnica Montana are the quintessence of Chilled Pop. Their debut album, Sensations 1, is a collection of beautiful songs around the theme of the Mediterranean sea, land and life. The warm and crystalline voice of Sarah Warwick (ex Sarah Washington) and the sensual guitars of Christophe Goze, the two guest artists on this album, could even help fine-tune its description as Balearic Pop.

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