Calm Upon You - Ravid - CD £6.00 (inc vat)

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16 stunning new tracks from Ravid, recorded exclusively on PANArt hang



01. First Light - Interlude 01:43 (Goldschmidt)

02. Aya 03:30 (Goldschmidt)

03. Alma 03:33 (Goldschmidt)

04. Indigo Child 02:53 (Goldschmidt)

05. New Day 03:35 (Goldschmidt)

06. Clara 03:04 (Goldschmidt)

07. Couverture La Mer 02:30 (Goldschmidt)

08. The Phoenix 04:22 (Goldschmidt)

09. Sandy Shore 03:08 (Goldschmidt)

10. Spiral 03:26 (Goldschmidt)

11. C.S.I 03:11 (Goldschmidt)

12. News From New Zealand 03:13 (Goldschmidt)

13. Golden Eye 03:11 (Goldschmidt)

14. Manna 02:29 (Goldschmidt)

15. Tibet 02:43 (Goldschmidt)

16. Calm Upon You  (hang solo) 05:01 (Goldschmidt)



For Sonia and Lluna




All tracks Recorded at Raezor Studios London except Clara and Golden Eye recorded at Rockfield Studios Wales

Recording Engineers Steve Muster at Raezor Studios assisted by Even Fromreide, Simon Dawson at Rockfield Studios

Mixed by Steve Musters and Preston Heyman at Raezor Studios London

Pro tools editing: Preston Hetman at St. Johns Stuio, London

Mastered by Ray Staff at AIR London


Published by QE Songs/Bucks Music Group Ltd

Published in Spain by Bucks Music Espanola S L (c/o Ediciones Musicales Clipper's)

2010 QE Records. The copyright in theis sound recording is owned by QE Records

© 2010 QE Records . QE Records is a division of Quantum Evolution Ltd.

This label copy information is the subject of copyright protection.

All rights of the producer and the owner of these sound recordings reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of these sound recordings is strictly prohibited.

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