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There are three reasons to use Dr Bragi, It’s Clean ,  Active and Different. 

The Dr. Bragi ethos is what sets these formulations apart from the rest. Nothing superfluous is added. These products look and smell as they should – never hiding behind a perfume or dye that can often irritate the skin.

This is all about your skin. The active ingredients are not hindered in any way, the science supporting them is proven, and these products are formulated for one thing; Healthy skin.

If can be shocking to find that the majority of skin care products on the market choose to hinder their active ingredients in order to introduce such things as perfume and dye, which can seriously effect a persons skin. These perfumes and dyes are essentially pointless, disappearing as soon as a product is used. You will never find Dr. Bragi taking form over function.


With no unnecessary added ingredients such as perfume, Dr. Bragi is a pure formulation only containing the active marine enzyme required for beautiful skin.


Scientifically proven marine enzymes really do work. This isn’t another skin care product based on the supposed calming effects of guesswork. After years of trials, Dr. Bragi is a formulation based squarely on science.


The difference lies in the proof. You wont find unsupported anecdotal evidence here. Everything to do with the Dr. Bragi formulations is rigourously tested and proven to be beneficial to the skin. If it serves no purpose to the skin, it isn’t among the ingredients.


Marine Enzymes in the Dr Bragi Formulations

Enzymes are biocatalysts, essential protein molecules that dramatically speed up chemical and biological reactions in living organisms

Unlike enzymes found elsewhere, such as in land flora and fauna, 'marine' enzymes are adapted to function in thedepths of the ocean at freezing temperatures. When subjected to room temperature they become 'super-active' and far more powerful than other land derived enzymes.

When used in skincare, marine ezymes have many effects, depending on concentration and type. To explain these various functions - you will find symbole used to represent each product and key to these symbols



Chart 1

This graph shows the relative activity of Dr Bragi's primary marine enzyme – Penzyme – against the PH. One can see clearly that it’s activity peaks at approximately a PH of 7.5. A neutral PH, and indeed the PH of water is 7. Soaps have a PH of between 8-10.

Another important factor is the environment they are from. The enzymes used are from the pure environment of the ocean, and not from the multi polluted environment of the land.

Also important is that the enzymes do not cause immune reactions, and hence do not cause allergies. They are also safe to use on children, while pregnant and around the eye contour.

The primary enzyme used in these formulations in Penzim, which was patented in 1999 for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use.


Chart 1

This graph shows the relative activity of the marine enzymes used in Dr Bragi formulations compared to non-marine enzymes from flora and fauna used in other products. A marine enzyme is at normal activity at 0 degrees, the "other enzyme" normal activity is at about 30 degrees C. One can see clearlythat the marine enzymes activity peaks at about 45 degrees Celsius. Skin temperature is just above room temperature at around 25-30 degrees celcius and you can see that at this temperature the activity of a marine enzyme is dramatically greater than a flora or fauna enzyme, which in fact has reduced in activity to almost zero.


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It comes as no surprise that Leslie Kenton describes The Gel as "the best kept skin-care secret in the beauty world" 

Paraben free, Cruelty Free


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This all purpose healing balm is now a firm favourite at Quantum Evolution. its multi purpose applications make it incredibly practical and the results are astonishing.

The mini Moa is an ideal size to slip into your handbag, anyone suffering from splitting cuticles or dry, cracked and damaged skin should definitely check this product out.


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