Earthing Products

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UK Mains adaptor for cable £2.95 (inc vat)

This adaptor plugs into the earth wire in your electrical socket. Takes 2 cables.



20' coiled cable £7.95 (inc vat)


This 20' coiled cable attaches the Earthing patches or Body bands to the mains adapter or Earthing Rod


Earthing Continuity Tester £29.99 (inc vat)

The Earthing Continuity Tester verifies that your Earthing system is conductive

Europe Earth Present Tester and Mains adapter £10.95

The Earth Present tester ensures that an earth connection is present and indicates other correct / faulty wiring operations. Includes Mains adapter for Europe (for Tester).


Europe Mains adapter for cable £5.95

The cable from the Earthing device can connect into the house mains earth via an adapter system. This can be selected for travel as an addition to an earthing rod system or as a replacemen

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