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Earthing® half sheet 100% Cotton with Earthing® Rod connection system £120.00 (inc vat)

In stock

Earth yourself whilst sleeping

This 100% cotton Earthing® sheet with embedded silver fibre fits all bed sizes and comes with everything you need to get started using an Earthing® rod as your connection to the Earth. ( 43' extension cable included)

Special Combination Offer! Earthing® half sheet (100% Cotton) + Earthing® Mat with mains connections plus FREE copy of The Earthing Book £151.99 (inc vat)

This 100% cotton E® sheet with embedded silver fibre fits all bed sizes, the Universal (organic rubber) Earthing® mat is ideal for daytime use. A complimentary copy of the Earthing® Book is included 

The pack contains all you need to get started using the mains connection system

Earthing® Patch kit with 20' coiled cable £29.90 (inc vat)

In stock

The Earthing® Patch Kit contains 50 individual patches allowing convenient localised grounding at any point on the body.

Earthing® Body Band kit with cable £38.38 (inc vat)

In stock

The Earthing Body Band Kit comes with three 1" wide adjustable elastic body bands (torso, knee/thigh, wrist/foot) and one 20 foot coiled cord . The bands contain conductive silver fibres on the inside that ground the body when the coild cord is connected to the grounding system. 

Earthing® ground rod with 43ft cable £19.94 (inc vat)

In stock

Earthing® ground rod connects you directly to the Earth and is recommended for all Earthing® products. The beauty of this is that you can use the device in any country without worrying about having the right adaptor.

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