Earthing® Plush Pad with mains connection £49.95

Price: £41.63

The Plush Pad is a 50.8cm (20" x 30" ) organiccotton conductive pad that can be used on a chair to sit on, behind your back, draped over your lap or in bed to lay on. Made from the same material as it's big sister, the Earthing®Throw this smaller size conductive pad can be used almost anywhere, is perfect for travelling and it doubles as a pet pad.

Comes with  15' cable and UK Mains adapter

Earth Present Tester available to order separately

Make sure the conductive side has some contact with your bare skin

Contains Medical Grade Silver conductive Fibres

The Pad is anti bacterial and anti-microbial. Wash weekly or bi monthly to remove natural body oils to maintain optimum working condition.

Washing Instructions:

Wash in cold water on gentle cycle

Use half amount of gentle detergent and do not put detergent straight onto the throw. Let the detergent dissolve in water first, or put detergent in designated machine dispenser and then place the throw in the machine. 

Tumble Dry on 'low" or 'no heat' setting. Remove from dryer promptly. Fold to minimise wrinkles. Optional iron on low heat.

Do not use any detergents containing bleach, liquid fabric softeners or softener drying sheets as this will affect the conductivity. Do not Dry Clean.

This is a genuine Clint Ober product.




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