ADR Mat Medium (0.6 x 1.22m) - £20.00 inc vat

Price: £16.67


The ADR MAT is an electric field shield, which utilizes ADR advanced technology to protect the human body from the harmful effects of electric fields during sleep by  by converting the electric charge into heat. The heat is not felt or noticed by the user.

Electric field distribution with and withoutthe ADR MAT



THE ADR MAT                                                                           THE ADR MAT

In our everyday life, we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields. These harmful fields are emitted by all cables and devices which are connected to an electrical circuit, even if they are not switched on. Even though these fields are not visible to the human eye, living as we do within and around them they can have a negative effect on our health.

When we sleep we often do so within the vicinity of electric fields that are emitted by electrical appliances and cables within walls as well as those plugged into the wall sockets. The ADR MAT located under our mattresses, absorbs electric fields and minimizes their negative impact upon the human body while we sleep. The shielding of electric fields also helps DNA repair itself during the night when there is no UV damage to DNA caused by the Sun and the reactive oxygen species resulting from metabolism are minimized.

These electromagnetic fields cause an increase in body temperature and can interfere with the working of the brain and the body’s immune system. Much research has suggested that exposure to certain electromagnetic fields may be a cause of cancer. The ADR MAT can neutralize over 90% of these harmful fields. In this way it can protect us from electromagnetic fields during our sleep or rest and it also makes our home environment healthier.

Thus the ADR MAT used as an electric field screen placed under our mattresses promotes deep relaxation as well as healthy and regenerative sleep. The ADR MAT is made from high quality materials, is non-allergenic and does not require a power supply or earth.

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