Partnering With Nature - The Wild Path to reconnecting with the Earth - Catriona MacGregor £9.65


People struggle daily with stressful jobs—trapped in blank walls, smelling chemicals, sitting in one chair, staring at glowing screens—when they should be outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature and the connection with other living things. It is vital that we understand how important nature is in our daily lives, health, and sense of well-being.

Partnering with Nature speaks to conscious readers who feel a deep connection with nature in their lives, who are becoming more aware of how they feel when distanced from nature. Readers will resonate with MacGregor's answers and the historical precedent for a true partnership with nature.

Catriona explains:

  • How a disconnect with nature can lead to stress and depression in adults and obesity, attention deficit disorders, and apathy in children.
  • Why a connection with the Earth and with nature, in its many forms, is vital to human survival; why we need to be active participants with nature, not just casual observers.
  • The history of many cultures’ relationships to the Earth, including what the many varieties of origin myths mean to us today.
  • How the energies that link humans, animals, and the natural world can actually be observed and studied—the point where spirituality and science intersect.
  • What the myriad benefits are of truly being in partnership with nature.
Price: £9.65
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