The Biology Of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracle by Bruce H Lipton £7.50


The book takes the reader on an exciting journey of discovery and revelation, challenging long-held beliefs on certain aspects of Biology and Physics, to arrive at a radically new and different explanations for how our DNA - and ultimately our very being - happen to be.

The author has taken a few knocks in life - as have most of us - and this comes through in the writing. However, those 'knocks' have clearly realigned his traditional academic conditioning and outlook on to a course of independent, pure creativity within his area of expertise, without the constraints of academic funding or peer-review looking over his shoulder all the time. Spending time in the Caribbean obviously gave him this break, and while other academics would probably look down on this judgmentally as a retro-step, it provided the fertile ground for this type of change to take place.

Price: £7.50
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