what is Hang?

hang drum

Hang music is like nothing you have ever heard before. That’s not just an idle claim because Hang is based on a completely new instrument, the Hang drum which was only invented in the year 2000.

It was created in Switzerland following years of research into resonating percussion instruments including the steelpan, gong and cowbells. Hang, pronounced ‘hung’ means Hand in Bernese, so the direct translation is the hand drum. In fact the drum can be played on the lap using the hands, or on a stand, using soft mallets.

It is constructed from two metal hemispheres bonded together. The Ding side contains 8 tone fields; the Gu side has a hole for sound resonance, which can also modulate the sound of the Ding.

Each Hang is tuned individually, so the artist can design their own tone circle on the ding of the instrument. It therefore becomes very personal and each artist develops their own unique sound.

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